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BD Vacutainer Push Button Blood Collection Set


Figure. BD Vacutaine... - Click to enlarge in new windowFigure. BD Vacutainer Push Button

BD has launched the new Vacutainer Push Button Blood Collection Set a new needle set that is intended to make blood collection safer for clinicians. The set features an active safety feature: a needle automatically retracts into the device when the healthcare worker pushes the activation button with his or her index finger. Initial trials showed that the product is easy to use. Participants reported feeling comfortable using the new technology after three venipunctures. The set requires the use of only one hand, freeing the other hand to attend to the venipuncture site. For more information, visit or call 888-237-2762.


Baxa Corporation PhaSeal


Figure. Baxa Corpora... - Click to enlarge in new windowFigure. Baxa Corporation PhaSeal

In June 2003, Baxa Corporation introduced the first closed system for handling antineoplastic drugs that has been documented to reduce or eliminate human exposure to toxic hazards in the workplace. The new system is called PhaSeal and is manufactured in Sweden by Carmel Pharma ab. Baxa will distribute the product in the United States. This new system is a set of containment devices that connect the original drug vial, syringe and IV injection or infusion set together into a completely sealed pathway. A double membrane in the system is intended to prevent leakage of antineoplastic agents and keep the connections dry. The system also features a built-in expansion chamber to equalize pressure and prevent toxic aerosols or vapors. The closed system allows hazardous antineoplastic agents to be contained from drug transfer to preparation, transport, and administration, and through disposal. The system has been studied in Europe and at MD Anderson in the United States, where it was shown to reduce or eliminate healthcare worker exposure to chemotherapeutic agents. For more information, contact Marian Robinson, Vice President, Marketing, Baxa Corp, at 800-567-2292 ext 2157 or visit