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  1. Baynouna Al Ketbi, Latifa Mohammad MBBS, ABHS, PhD
  2. Al Kwuiti, Mariam Mohammad MBBS, ABHS
  3. Abdulbaqi, Hanan BSN
  4. Al Kwuiti, Mouza Hamad MBBS, ABHS
  5. Al Alawi, Shamma MBBS, ABHS
  6. Al Zarouni, Amal MBBS, ABHS
  7. Al Awadhi, Fathyia MBBS, ABHS
  8. Al Bloushi, Durra MBBS, ABHS
  9. Al Harbi, Amal MBBS, ABHS
  10. Saadon, Bakr MBBS
  11. Al Jabri, Omar MBBS, ABHS


This study describes the transformation of Abu Dhabi Ambulatory Healthcare Services into patient-centered medical homes (PCMH) in 3 pilot sites by applying the National Commission for Quality Assurance (NCQA) PCMH standards. The intervention was system redesign, population management, team building, and optimizing electronic medical records toward patient-centered care. The pilot centers outperformed non-pilot centers in clinical key performance indicators. Based on the NCQA 2011 PCMH criteria, the pilot achieved 84% compared with 42% at the start of the project. In conclusion this study shed light on a firm path to operationalizing PCMH to enhance the quality and access to care.