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Hy-Tape Latex-Free Tape

Hy-Tape Corporation announces that its well-known waterproof, pink surgical tape is now latex-free. Hy-Tape Latex-Free tape is ideal for patients and healthcare professionals with natural rubber latex-allergies. Like the original product, Hy-Tape Latex-Free tape has a gentle adhesive perfect for extended-wear application to any skin type, including wet, oily, or hairy surfaces. The zinc oxide base is soothing to tender, delicate skin, removes with no irritation, and leaves no residue. Hy-Tape Latex-Free tape is available in multicut hospital tube packages, on plastic spool ends in individual cartons, or in bulk packages of individually wrapped units in 1/4- to 4-inch sizes. For more information about Hy-Tape Latex-Free tape, or to request a product sample, call Hy-Tape at (800) 248-0101, or visit



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Sharps Compliance, Inc. Pitch-It Intravenous Poles

Sharps Compliance, Inc. has created a line of IV poles designed specifically for home healthcare patients receiving gravity-administered IVs. Disposable, portable, and collapsible Pitch-It IV poles come in three models: tabletop, floor, and full-size with wheels. Pitch-It poles eliminate the need for home healthcare nurses or drivers to retrieve, clean, bag, and store IV poles. In addition, patients experience greater mobility because of the pole's lightweight construction and wheels. For more information call Sharps Compliance, Inc. at (800) 772-5657.


Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary Online

Taber'sCyclopedic Medical Dictionary, 18thEdition, the leading U.S. health-science dictionary, is available online as a subscription service. The site offers 55,000 full-length definitions from Taber's, including pronunciations (many with audio files), illustrations, photographs, tables, etymologies, abbreviations, and synonyms. Some definitions also include Symptoms, Etiology, Treatments, Cautions, Biographical Information, Prognosis, and Nursing Implications. In addition, all cross-references are displayed as highlighted hyperlinks. Individual subscriptions are $29.95 per year or $9.95 quarterly. Discounts are available for quantity purchases. To order or for more information about Taber's Online, contact publisher F.A. Davis Company at Information also can be obtained directly from the company at (800) 323-3555; fax (215) 440-3016.



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Centurion SorbaView Window Dressing

SorbaView Window Dressing combines the benefits of an island dressing with those of a transparent dressing to create an exceptional approach to site management. The lint-free pad wicks away moisture while the polyurethane film provides a barrier against bacteria. The window allows continuous site observation. Sorba View Window Dressing is designed for a wide range of clinical applications such as central venous catheter, peripherally inserted central catheter, peripheral IV sites, epidural catheters, oncology administrations, dialysis procedures, and Stage I and II skin ulcers. For more information, call Tri-State Hospital Supply Corporation, manufacturers of Centurion products, at (800) 248-4058.



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Health Care Logistics Stic-Kit Sharps Container

Designed to always be within arm's length, the Stic-Kit Sharps Container adheres to any flat, smooth surface with an adhesive backing or to tubular structures, such as cot rails and IV poles, with an optional spring clip. The Stic-Kit container also attaches to dividers on trays, bags, and boxes, thus providing a lower profile than the clip allows. The container was designed for IV needles and 3-ml syringe/needle sets-the most common blood-contaminated sharps. The Stic-Kit container accommodates no more than five 3-ml syringe sets or 12 IV needles. When locked shut, the container is marked "Biohazard" and is ready for disposal. For more information on the Stic-Kit Sharps Container, contact Health Care Logistics at (800) 848-1633 or