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Precision Dynamics Corp. Securline Blood Band

The Securline Blood Band features 14 small peel-off labels providing a quick and easy means for medical personnel to track and identify specimens and cross-match them to the correct patient. To reduce the likelihood of human error in mismatching blood specimens, Securline Blood Bands have both alpha and numeric serialization. The clinician handwrites the patient data on the large label. When removed, the label leaves a "carbonless copy" of the patient's information on the wristband. The Securline's closure is easily snapped together, offering greater facility of use than do other styles of blood bands. For more information, please write or call Customer Service at Precision Dynamics Corporation, 13880 Del Sur Street, San Fernando, CA 91340-3490, (800) 847-0670. Send e-mail to or visit the website at



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IV House Intravenous Site Protectors

Progressive IVs, Inc. (dba IV House) announces that the IV House intravenous site protector is illustrated in the 6th edition of Nursing Care of Infants and Children (Mosby, 1999) as a commercial shield used to protect peripheral IV sites. The IV House site protector also is pictured in such textbooks as Essentials of Pediatric Nursing (6th edition; Mosby, 1997), Manual of IV Therapeutics (2nd edition; FA Davis, 1997), and the Emergency Nurses Association ENPC Provider Manual (2nd edition; 1999). Leading textbook authors recognize that the latex-free IV House was designed for the specific purpose of protecting IV sites, replacing the handcrafted devices nurses previously had created from urine specimen cups, medicine cups, Styrofoam cups, and packaging materials. The manufacturer's directions were written to conform with the Intravenous Nurses Society Standards of Practice. Use of the small size, originally created for infants, has spread to PRN locks on adult patients. The large size covers the looped-back tubing at the IV insertion site as well as the catheter hub. A specific tape-to-tape securing method minimizes the amount of tape used on a patient's fragile skin and facilitates atraumatic removal of tape at the IV site. When lifted from one side of the IV House, the other end of the tape acts as a hinge. For more information, visit the IV House website at, send an email to, or call (800) 530-0400.



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Simulaids, Inc. Electronic Brad CPR Training Manikin

Simulaids, Inc. announces the introduction of its Electronic Brad CPR Training Manikin for use in teaching cardiopulmonary resuscitation skills. The manikin's realistic looks, accurate anatomical landmarks, and individual-use mouth/nose pieces with disposable airway/lung system and nonbreathing valve combine to provide instructor and student with a user-friendly teaching aid. Sensors in the manikin activate lights to indicate correct cardiac compressions, correct ventilations, overcompressions of the chest, and correct hand position. For additional information on Brad and other Simulaids training manikins, call (800) 431-4310.



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M.C. Johnson Co. IV Safe

The IV Safe single-handed IV system eliminates the need for nurses to remove gloves and cut strips of tape and may help prevent needle sticks and site contamination. The kit contains precut tape strips, a site/wound dressing, and an adhesive wrap-around cover to capture and hold the plastic sheath for one-handed insertion of a contaminated needle. The IV Safe, a truly single-handed IV system, brochure and free sample are available from M.C. Johnson Co., Inc., 2037 J & C Boulevard, Naples, FL 34109, (800) 553-8483, fax (800) 643-0343, or on the Internet at For more information, contact Phil Baker, Marketing Director. FIGURE 4

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