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  1. Moureau, Nancy BSN, CRNI
  2. Zonderman, Ann BSN, JD, CRNI, LHRM


Determining the need for premedication or anesthetic agent use in starting intravenous therapy should be considered a necessary step toward a successful IV procedure. This article discusses the types of premedications currently available for adults and children. Discussion of each anesthetic agent, its usage and limitations, and other pertinent information is given. Antianxiety agents are briefly discussed as an adjunct to anesthetics. Relaxation techniques of distraction and biofeedback to aid in the reduction of pain also can provide some degree of success for IV procedures. Not all IV procedures require premedications or anesthetic agents. Making the correct decision regarding which medication or antianxiety method best suits the patient and the situation can improve the overall success of and satisfaction with IV procedures.