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  1. Farina, Sheila M. MSN, RN-BC
  2. Minerva, Elizabeth RN, HSMI, CWHC
  3. Glunt, Jyl
  4. Bernardo, Lisa Marie PhD, MPH, RN


Nurses' self-reported lack of self-care and work-related stress prompted professional educators to offer a 15-minute mindfulness experiential learning session during the facility's annual professional development forums. Nurses were taught and practiced mindfulness (e.g., meditation, imagery), designed to empower them to be present in the moment with a sense of clarity and compassion. Outcomes measured were nurses' self-reported practice benefit and interest in learning about and using mindfulness practices. Five hundred forty-five nurses attended the session. Most nurses (71%) reported benefit/great benefit from the session. Guided imagery and the mindful moment were the most frequently selected practices nurses would use and learn. Nursing professional development practitioners can incorporate mindfulness experiential learning opportunities into their existing education offerings.