nursing care, nursing history, stored database, stroke



  1. Jackson, Nancy
  2. Haxton, Elaine
  3. Morrison, Kathy
  4. Markey, Erin
  5. Andreoli, Linda J.
  6. Maloney, Theresa
  7. Omelchenko, Nataliya
  8. Aroose, Amanda
  9. Stevens, Lynn B.


ABSTRACT: Over the past 50 years, the Journal of Neuroscience Nursing (JNN) has grown from a neurosurgical focus to the broader neuroscience focus alongside the professional nursing organization that it supports. Stroke care in JNN focused on the surgical treatment and nursing care for cranial treatment of conditions such as cerebral aneurysm, carotid disease, arteriovenous malformation, and artery bypass procedures. As medical science has grown and new medications and treatment modalities have been successfully trialed, JNN has brought to its readership this information about recombinant tissue plasminogen activator, endovascular trials, and new assessment tools such as the National Institute of Health Stroke Scale. JNN is on the forefront of publishing nursing research in the areas of stroke caregiver needs and community education for rapid treatment of stroke and stroke risk reduction. The journal has been timely and informative in keeping neuroscience nurses on the forefront of the changing world of stroke nursing.