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I frequently receive letters commenting on how the journal has helped a nurse in his or her practice or how on target and timely the articles that we publish are. Recently, I received a letter asking for more basic articles, which was preceded a few weeks before by someone asking for more research manuscripts. What is an editor to do when the needs of her readers are so diverse? It is my responsibility as an editor to be sure that I make every effort to meet your needs. Finding the correct balance is important.


Each year, the Editorial Board meets to discuss its editorial plans for the next year. The Board is beginning its preparation now as it reviews last year's efforts and critically analyzes every aspect of what it does.


The Editorial Board reviews the demographics of its members, various survey results that are available to it from the association as well as feedback received from NAON's Executive Board, via online comments, personal e-mails, letters, and telephone calls. Editorial Board members also look at NAON's mission and commitment to each and every member.


This past year, the Editorial Board members developed a series of columns to help us meet the varying needs of each person that receives Orthopaedic Nursing. These columns represent different levels of sophistication and an effort to find the proper mix of columns in each issue to be sure that the proper balance is achieved is constantly evaluated.


I have been asked about the number of research manuscripts that we publish in Orthopaedic Nursing and why we think that is necessary. It is the opinion of the Editorial Board that it is our responsibility to promote orthopaedic nursing research that advances how we practice and, therefore, the care we, as orthopaedic nurses, provide to our patients. Nursing research should be the cornerstone to the way we practice. If we do not foster this, no one else will do it for us. This is why we are committed to pursuing high-level research content. We must take responsibility for the evidence that helps mold our future practice.


The Editorial Board is interested in hearing your comments about how it is doing to meet your needs. You can help the Editorial Board members by sending an e-mail to They will look at every comment seriously and evaluate the ways in which we can mold Orthopaedic Nursing for the future. In addition, if there are topics that you would like to see in the journal, send those along as well. Has something come up in your practice about which you need more information? If so, pass that along to us. If you do not want to write for ONJ, send us your ideas for manuscripts that are important to you. We will find authors. At the same time, we would like to encourage each of you to allow us to mentor you in the authorship process even if you have not had publishing experience before.


As we begin another year for Orthopaedic Nursing, let us hear from you. We value your thoughts.