1. Duffy, Joanne R. PhD, RN, FAAN
  2. Culp, Stacey PhD
  3. Padrutt, Tom ADN, RN


OBJECTIVE: The aims of this study are to describe and evaluate the factors associated with missed nursing care in an acute care community hospital.


BACKGROUND: Despite RNs' accountability for high-quality patient care in hospitals, missed nursing care is widespread, jeopardizing patient safety and health system costs. Better understanding of the factors associated with missed nursing care may provide nurse leaders with opportunities for improvement.


METHODS: Using a cross-sectional correlational study design, 138 RNs were randomly sampled during May-June 2017.


RESULTS: The extent of missed nursing care is consistent with other studies, was greater on medical-surgical and telemetry units compared with specialty units, and was negatively associated with staffing/resources, satisfaction with current position, and collegial nurse-physician relationships.


CONCLUSION: Findings suggest urgent nurse leader action and future research.