1. Hansbrough, Wendy B. PhD, RN
  2. Kray, Gina BSN, RN, RYT 500
  3. Katib, Faten BSN, RN


OBJECTIVE: This quantitative study examined patients' trust of a nurse who represents the Muslim faith by wearing the hijab.


BACKGROUND: Presumptions about nurse trustworthiness based on religious affiliation may impede the effectiveness of the nurse-patient relationship and diminish the ability of nursing care to promote patient's feelings of well-being.


METHODS: Hospitalized participants were randomly given a picture of a nurse either wearing the hijab or not. They completed a survey to measure their level of trust considering the nurse in the picture.


RESULTS: No difference was found in trust of the nurse between groups or in trust analyzed for between-group characteristics. In the hijab picture group, the older the patient, the lower the trust of the nurse.


CONCLUSIONS: The results may reflect the general trust of nurses as an ethical and honest professional group. A high level of general trust may transcend stereotypes toward a Muslim nurse.