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  1. Hansel, Tonya PhD
  2. Osofsky, Howard MD, PhD
  3. Langhinrichsen-Rohling, Jennifer PhD
  4. Osofsky, Joy PhD
  5. Rehner, Timothy PhD
  6. Wornell, Cory MPH
  7. Speier, Anthony PhD
  8. Brazeal, Michelle LCSW
  9. Arthur, Elizabeth MS
  10. Rohrer, Glenn PhD


The Mental and Behavioral Health (MBH) Capacity Project had a mission shared among 4 states to support MBH sustainability along the Gulf Coast. Integration of mental health into undersourced primary health clinics was an important goal of the project. The findings from the collaborative evaluation demonstrate long-term outcomes including the following: community has greater capacity and sustainability for quality health care; better informed and connected communities; and individuals are more informed, connected, and resilient. Lessons learned indicate that improved population health outcomes are possible even in low-income, high-stress regions through intentional and collaborative efforts integrating MBH into primary cares settings.