1. Crimlisk, Janet T. DNP, RNCS, NP-C
  2. Krisciunas, Gintas P. MPH, MA
  3. Sipe, Margie H. DNP, RN, NEA-BC
  4. Winter, Michael R. MPH
  5. Gonzalez, R. Mauricio MD
  6. Grillone, Gregory A. MD, FACS


Patients in an acute care hospital who experience a difficult airway event outside the operating room need a specialized emergency airway response team (EART) immediately. This designated team manages catastrophic airway events using advanced airway techniques as well as surgical intervention. Nurses respond as part of this team. There are no identified difficult airway team documentation instruments in the literature, and the lack of metrics limits the quality review of the team response. This study identified EART documentation criteria and incorporated them into a nursing documentation instrument to be completed by a nurse scribe during the event. The EART instrument was tested by nurses for usability, feasibility, and completeness. Twenty-one critical care nurses participated in this study. The results confirmed good usability, positive feasibility, and 79% documentation completeness using this tool. These criteria and this instrument can be important in documenting the EART and in evaluating the quality of the team performance.