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  1. Wilson, Thad PhD, RN
  2. Weathers, Nicole MSN, RN
  3. Forneris, Lori MS, RN


OBJECTIVE: This retrospective study examined the nurse outcomes from new-graduate nurse residents completing an online nurse residency program (NRP).


BACKGROUND: Studies have shown that hospital-based NRPs help new graduates transition from beginners to competent nurses. However, NRPs can tax the resources of smaller institutions, making such a program unrealistic. Little is published exploring the efficacy of online programs for nursing residents.


METHODS: Surveys assessing the impact of the online program were completed by residents in an online NRP at initiation, 6 months, and at completion.


RESULTS: There were statistically significant improvements in organizational and prioritizing skills; confidence in communication with other healthcare providers, patients, and families; and improved leadership ability. The percentage of residents reporting negative safety practices and patient errors decreased over time.


CONCLUSIONS: An NRP using online educational modules results in nurse outcomes comparable to those reported from traditional models.