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Multimedia Instruction, Nursing Education, Video Lectures, Video Podcasts



  1. Wolf, Andrew B.


AIM: The purpose of this review was to explore what is known about the efficacy of web-based video lectures (WBVLs).


BACKGROUND: Nurse educators have embraced innovations such as online, flipped, and blended learning. Such innovations are enhanced by WBVLs, but there has been limited research on effective design.


METHOD: A systematic search was conducted to identify studies of the efficacy of WBVL in nursing education between 2005 and 2017. An established framework was used to analyze the quality of studies.


RESULTS: Findings from 11 studies revealed that students were satisfied with WBVL as supplement to or replacement for in-person lectures. Studies were hampered by lack of theory, methodological concerns, and an absence of experimental trials.


CONCLUSION: Findings suggest that the efficacy of WBVL may be equivalent to or better than in-person lectures. Future studies should be guided by pedagogical theory and focus on comparing design practices for WBVL.