1. Bohanon, Perry MSN, RN, ARNP-CS

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Unlike Bob Mebane ("A Degree of Elitism," Letters, July), I have never considered the use of my academic credentials "pompous" or "divisive." Rather, I consider my credentials to be an indication to my colleagues and the public of who I am and the kind of practice they can expect from me. Nursing has long been divided into the diploma, associate degree of nursing, and BSN camps. These multiple levels of entry into practice continue to divide and weaken our profession. Mr. Mebane remarks that no other profession "advertise[s] bachelor's degrees." This is not entirely true, but it may be attributable to the fact that most other professionals who work alongside nurses can't enter practice with anything less than a bachelor's degree.


I worked long and hard for the "alphabet soup" after my name. I'm proud of those letters and intend to use them.


Perry Bohanon, MSN, RN, ARNP-CS


Nicholasville, KY; October 2000