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  1. de Carvalho Bastone, Alessandra PhD, PT
  2. de Souza Vasconcelos, Karina Simone PhD, PT
  3. Lacerda, Ana Cristina Rodrigues PhD, PT
  4. Neves, Camila Danielle Cunha MSc, PT
  5. Mendonca, Vanessa Amaral PhD, PT
  6. Dias, Joao Marcos Domingues PhD, PT
  7. Dias, Rosangela Correa PhD, PT


Aerobic capacity is essential for physical function. The aims of this study were to identify the peak oxygen consumption (



O2 peak) and the incremental shuttle walk test (ISWT) distance associated with disability and to develop an equation to predict



O2 peak, based on the ISWT distance. Fifteen disabled and 13 nondisabled older adults performed the ISWT using a portable telemetric gas analyzer. The



O2 peak and the distance associated with disability were 15.8 mL/kg/min or less and 230 m or less, respectively. The coefficient of determination from the predictive model was 0.54. The ISWT might be considered to assess aerobic capacity in older adults.