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Looking over the efforts of the Board of Directors of NACNS we are challenged to address and respond the vast needs and issues that impact CNSs. Currently, we are involved in numerous activities and pursuits that move us meeting these challenges. Major involvements include:


* President Fulton was a panel presenter at the AACN Dean's meeting October 28 and also a second meeting convened by Linda Berlin of AACN staff for NONPF and NACNS representatives to address plans for the survey of graduate programs.


* NACNS is in the process of updating a 2002 chart prepared by Windy Carson of ANA entitled "States that Recognize Clinical Nurse Specialists in Advanced Practice." Dr Mary Smolenski of ANCC requested that NACNS undertake this project since the chart is to be included in an ANCC publication and ANA will not be updating the chart. There was agreement that Windy Carson will be noted on the 2003 chart as the originator and it will be considered an NACNS document. Miriam Limo is reviewing each state's current regulations and will complete the work by the November 27 deadline.



NACNS Statement on Clinical Nurse Specialist Practice and Education


This document articulates the competencies requisite to CNS practice, outlines the necessary outcomes of nursing, and provides direction to schools of nursing regarding the preparation of CNSs. You can purchase your copy of this landmark document through the NACNS Office. The cost is $15 per copy for members of NACNS and $25 per copy for nonmembers. Discounts are offered on purchases of 15 copies or more. Contact the NACNS Office today to order your copy of the Statement.


NACNS is Moving

New Address for NACNS effective January 1, 2004, 2090 Linglestown R., Suite 107, Harrisburg, PA 17110.


Mail addressed to the old location, 3969 Green St, will continue to reach NACNS. Our phone, fax, and e-mail remain the same.


NACNS Conference

Please make plans to attend the 2004 National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists Conference in San Antonio, Tex.


This year's theme is "Renaissance in CNS Practice: Transforming Nursing in the 21st Century." Our keynote speaker is M.M. Heitkemper, PhD, RN, FAAN. Dr Heitkemper will focus on the scope of research-based innovation in nursing and on the use of this knowledge to shape clinical practice in new ways.


For more information please look for your brochure or visit our Web site at


NACNS Update

The NACNS has been extremely busy over the past year and accomplished a number of achievements that advance role and visibility of CNSs. The following list depicts these efforts:


March 2002-October 2003


* Convened the first CNS Educators Summit (March 2003)


* Published Position Paper on Regulatory Credentialing of Clinical Nurse Specialists (Clinical Nurse Specialist, 17(3), May 2003)


* Published the first Directory of Clinical Nurse Specialist Programs in the United States (Clinical Nurse Specialist, 17(4), July 2003)


* Entered into a collaborative agreement with AACN for joint 2002-2003 survey of CNS programs


* Convened the first CNS Regulatory Summit for organizations with sizeable numbers of CNSs in their membership and agencies that offer CNS certification (July 2003)


* Completed pilot test of CNS Education Program review (October 2003)


* Published an updated Statement on CNS Practice and Education


* Engaged NONPF in a collaborative project to define and describe the similarities and differences in CNS and NP practice (Ongoing)


* Implemented a project funded by the American Nurses Association and the Hartford Institute to increase CNS competence in geriatric nursing care


* Ongoing participation in meetings convened by ANCC for discussion of a future model for CNS certification


* Ongoing interaction with NCSBN about appropriate regulation of CNSs


* Plans are underway for the 2004 annual conference in San Antonio, Tex, on March 11-13. The major focus of this conference will be research-based innovation in nursing and use of this knowledge to shape clinical practice in new ways


Proposed 2004 Bylaw Changes

Proposed bylaw amendment to expand NACNS Nominating Committee and stagger terms of service on the committee.


Article VIII. Committees




Section 1. Standing Committees


b. The term of appointment for all committees, whether special or standing, shall be two years. A member may not serve longer than six (6) consecutive years.




b. The term of appointment for all committees, whether special or standing, shall be two years, except for the Nominating Committee. A member may not serve longer than six (6) consecutive years.


c. The Nominating Committee members shall be elected by the membership to serve a two-year or three-year term. Four members shall serve for two years and three members shall serve for three years.




Section 8. Nominating Committee


b. Membership-The Nominating Committee shall consist of at least five (5) elected members and the immediate past president. The nominating committee shall select its own chair from among the committee membership.




b. Membership-The Nominating Committee shall consist of at least seven (7) elected members and the immediate past president. The nominating committee shall select its own chair from among the committee membership.




Achieves the Board's intention to expand the nominating committee and provide for continuity from year to year via staggered terms for some members.


The Board is proposing this amendment. These bylaw changes are to be voted on at the 2004 Annual Meeting.


The 2003 NACNS Membership Directory

The 2003 NACNS membership directory will include members current as of November 15, as was the case in 2002. We expect the directory to be available mid-December.


NACNS Dollars at Work

In 1995, a small cadre of nurses came together to form a specialty organization for clinical nurse specialists (CNS). Our founders believed that the advanced practice role of CNSs needed a unified voice to promote advocacy, networking, problem solving, political strategizing, and mutual support. Since that time, we have grown from a small nucleus to a significant organization with over 1200 members nationwide. Some of our remarkable accomplishments during this short time include the following:


* Liaison activities with NCSBN regarding ANP licensure/authority (APRN Compact);


* Establishment of a Web page for international communication;


* Establishment of a peer-reviewed national journal;


* Affiliation support with recognition of Affiliate of the Year;


* Partnering with ANA for Scope and Standards work;


* Establishment of a National Meeting with well-known and respected speakers and attracting CNSs from around the country to share their work;


* Working with AACN to establish portfolio development for CNS specialties with no national certification exam;


* Formation of an annual survey to collect CNS-specific data;


* Formation of a strong, but voluntary Board of Directors;


* Development of a NACNS exhibit to promote CNS specialty practice;


* Recognition of National CNS of the Year;


* Interaction with AACN concerning critical care CNS role development; and


* Collaboration with ISONG (International Society of Nurses in Genetics) for credentialing in advanced practice for genetics nurses.



2004 National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists Board of Directors



Janet Fulton


Immediate Past President


Sue B. Davidson




Angela Clark




Nancy E. Dayhoff




Karen Lyon




Theresa Posani




Deborah Antai-Otong


Kathleen Baldwin


Gail DeLuca Havens


Theresa Murray


Newsletter Editors


Theresa Posani


Deborah Antai-Otong




Executive Director


Christine Carson Filipovich




2090 Linglestown R. Suite 107


Harrisburg, PA 17110


Telephone: 717-234-6799


Fax: 717-234-6798






NACNS has accomplished the above with the least annual dues of any advanced practice group, $98 per year. In order to continue our work and to move forward with an aggressive agenda to refine clinical competencies, standardize educational preparation, navigate the maze of certification issues, and remove statutory and regulatory barriers to practice, the organization needs a dues increase. We are asking membership at this time to approve an increase to $110 annually.


Geriatric CNS Award Announcement and Nomination Form

Purpose: To recognize an NACNS member for outstanding professional accomplishments as a Gerontological CNS providing care to the population of older adults.


Award: A $250 cash award and a plaque will be presented at the March 2004 NACNS conference.


Eligibility Criteria:


1. Has been a Gerontological CNS for 3 years or more.


2. Has worked with the older adult population for at least 5 years.


3. Has current membership in NACNS.


4. Demonstrates exemplary skills and knowledge in care of older adults.


5. Has contributed to improving the quality of care of older adults through one or more of the 3 spheres of CNS influence: patient care; nursing practice; and/or health care delivery systems.



Submission requirements:


1. Completed nomination form.


2. Detailed description of the nominee's commitment and contributions to improve care of older adults that addresses the above criteria. A description of the CNS practice should also be included.


3. Two letters of support should be included-one from the nominator who must be a nursing colleague, and the second from a colleague who is knowledgeable about the candidate. The letters should describe the nominee's commitment to and competence in the provision of nursing care to older adults.



Deadline: February 1, 2004.

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Affiliate News Southern California CNS Network

The Southern California CNS Network began in 1988. In the early days, it was informal-no Board, no minutes, no bylaws-just creating opportunities to get together and network, share our problems and solutions, provide educational opportunities, and be a support to one another professionally. The goal of our organization has remained to provide opportunities to network and educate with other CNS colleagues and share ideas, frustrations, joys, and solutions. We now have 106 members organized by a board that represents 6 counties in Southern California and have recently expanded our membership to include the entire state. (The Northern California organization disbanded in the late 90s, early 2000s.) We provide our members with an annual all day conference, a quarterly newsletter, a research grant, and quarterly educational meetings. We are the voice of CNSs for our state and recently mailed a letter inviting all 1750 certified CNSs in the state to join our organization. We are excited to be the newest NACNS affiliate and look forward to working collaboratively to move the CNS role forward.