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licensed practice nurses (LPNs), LPN-to-BSN, nursing students, practical nurses, transition



  1. Chachula, Kathryn MN, RN
  2. Smith, Mary MN, RN
  3. Hyndman, Kathryn PhD


The lived experience of licensed practical nurses (LPNs) pursuing Bachelor of Nursing (BN) education is not commonly studied in Canada. The aim was to understand the transition experience of LPNs who bridged into a BN program. Max van Manen's phenomenological methodology was used through use of a semistructured interview guide to explore the lived experience of LPNs who pursued baccalaureate nursing education. Five themes were found: seeking advancement; stepping back into the student role; juggling work, school, and family; struggling to be understood; and seeing things differently. In summary, LPN-to-BN students have a well-developed sense of identity as nurses. These students can benefit from a specifically designed, stand-alone bridge course to situate them within a BN program that leads to successful fulfillment of entry-to-practice competencies for RN licensure.