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After reading the letter from Liz Naftaniel ("Stop the Fighting," Letters, September 2003), which called for LPNs and RNs to work together, I was reminded of my own experiences from 1962 to 1964. When I was a nurse's aide in a private hospital, the fighting never stopped: RNs were always criticizing LPNs. Despite this, I became an LPN and endured the same criticisms. I remember a medical student saying, "You learn just enough to kill somebody."


Liz, I agree with you: We should all be working together. But my advice to you is to continue your nursing education. We can learn just so much in a 12-month program. As one of my instructors used to say, "So much to say; no time to say it." I'd like to see the end of practical nursing in the United States and the start of a 24-month nursing program with a new name.



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