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Managing Your Practice: A Guide for Advanced Practice Nurses offers helpful tips on creating and sustaining an advanced practice nurse (APN) practice. Each chapter, authored by an experienced APN, serves as a how-to for APNs considering beginning a new practice alone or with colleagues. While the bulk of the book outlines issues related to starting a new practice, the book's appendices offer contact information for certifying boards and state licensing agencies. The book also features a sample patient survey, a leadership self-assessment, and an ethical decision-making worksheet.



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Chapter by chapter

Chapter 1 offers the basics of managing an APN practice, while chapter 2 offers a new practice model for APNs. Chapter 3 provides information on strategic planning; chapter 4 covers merging professional and business models; and chapter 5 focuses on credentialing and continuing education. Financing the practice is the theme of chapter 6, and chapter 7 aims to help the reader develop a marketing strategy. The book's other topics include negotiation; effective leadership; collaborative APN practice; information, quality, and risk management; and ethical issues.


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