Nursing education, Student, Computer-assisted instruction, Self-efficacy, Educational measurement



  1. Maag, Margaret EdD, MSN, RN


The use of online learning tutorials to provide instruction in schools of nursing is growing in popularity; however, the outcomes associated with this method of instruction are not well documented. The focus of this experimental study, conducted at 2 universities in northern California, was to determine the effectiveness of an online interactive multimedia-learning tool versus text only, text and images, and multimedia learning explanations on math achievement, math self-efficacy, and student satisfaction. Compared to students in the control groups, students in the interactive multimedia group demonstrated equal posttest and retest knowledge of math; their math self-efficacy scores were also the same. Interactive multimedia group students were more satisfied with the method of learning, reported the technique to be enjoyable and more interesting, and provided sufficient feedback. An online interactive multimedia-learning tool is a realistic and creative method of teaching medication dosage calculations.