1. Skiba, Diane J. PhD, FAAN, FACMI

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Thank you for the interesting and informative article on education in nursing informatics that appeared in the September/October 2003 CIN Plus. I just wanted to correct some information that was presented in the article.


At the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, our informatics MS specialty is only offered online. We do not have any classroom components and you do not have to attend any classes at the campus. The out of state tuition is $375 per credit hour (not $867 as listed in the article) and for those students who reside in WICHE states, they can pay instate tuition for the program. For more information about the WICHE's Western Graduate Regional Program, please visit the following Web site:


Editor's note: A press release with more detailed information about the program and a recent grant that is supporting its development is included in the "Top Drawer" section of this issue. Please see page 1.