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  1. Bice, April A. PhD, CPNP, RN
  2. Bramlett, Traci DNP, FNP-C, RN


Nursing students in various degree programs experience an array of stressful and demanding circumstances. As such, nursing faculty have a unique opportunity to provide student-centered teaching from a holistic comfort perspective. Holistic comfort is a concept supported by evidence symbolizing more than just the relief of pain. It involves caring for the whole person. The majority of research surrounding holistic comfort has been focused on patients-but, what about students in nursing? In this article, the authors aim to explain and expand upon the role of teaching from a holistic comfort perspective. Holistic comfort has been well documented in the literature and it is delivered in one (or more) of 4 different contexts: the physical, psychospiritual, sociocultural, and/or environmental context. Implementing a program of teaching focused on comforting students has implications for nursing education, organizational policy, and nursing practice.