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Artist Bob Russo is the recipient of a Georgia Council for the Arts grant. His work has been shown in a solo exhibition at the Atlanta History Center in Atlanta, GA, and in selected juried exhibitions nationwide, and commissioned for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers J. Strom Thurmond Dam Resource Center in Clarks Hill, SC, and the Callaway Gardens Foundation in Pine Mountain, GA, among others. He lives and works in Atlanta, GA.


About Choose, Russo says, "For two years my wife, who was an RN and family nurse practitioner, and I struggled mightily to keep her from being pulled under by a recurrence of breast cancer. How immensely hard it was for us-even with her sharp professional wisdom and experience-to make the necessary choices among treatments of uncertain life-or-death consequence. During that long, long period, my creativity completely dried up until, as if from nowhere, this painting insisted itself into existence. It went down onto the canvas rapidly, part by part, without change or correction, from randomly chosen photo references. The experience was odd but strangely satisfying. Only much later, alone now, did I notice the subject (the immense difficulty of the choices we faced) that was actually painted."


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