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advance care planning, end of life, hospice care, Latino, lay health advisor



  1. Hagwood, Dell N. MSN, MDiv, RN
  2. Larson, Kim L. PhD, RN, MPH, FNAP


Latinos are less likely to have an advance care plan, use hospice or palliative care services, and have conversations about end of life than the general population. This article describes processes and outcomes of a Latino lay health advisor advance care planning training program in eastern North Carolina. An exploratory case study was used to understand the perspectives of Latino leaders. Two Latino leaders completed an advance care planning training in 2016. Data were generated from field notes, interviews, and observations. A description of the social and contextual conditions in the study setting facilitated data analysis. The primary finding, "planting the seeds," was the strategy that began the conversation of advance care planning. "Planting the seeds" meant introducing the topic carefully to ensure the person is ready to listen, the information will be accepted, and capacity will be gained to make informed decisions. Training Latino lay health advisors in advance care planning has the potential to eliminate health disparities.