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Because of the publication schedule of the Journal of the Dermatology Nurses' Association (JDNA), I am always writing "ahead of schedule", meaning I usually write the editorials well in advance of when you read them. Consequently, what that means is that I sit here excited that, next week, I will have the opportunity to see some of you in person at the annual Dermatology Nurses' Association (DNA) Convention. This annual opportunity to sit and learn together is one of my favorite times because it indicates we are all dedicated and passionate enough about our profession and dermatology nursing to take pause out of our busy schedules to attend. Aside from the high-quality educational offerings and opportunities available during this convention, my other favorite part of this event is you, the people I have come to love and respect. I will be honest-interacting with so many of you during our annual time together is part of what inspires me and drives my enthusiasm for dermatology nursing and the work we do.

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If you talk to nurses, many of them will concur that the people at a job, or in this case involved in a profession, are one of the best parts. The friendships I have as a result of being involved in the DNA and with the JDNA are tremendously important to me. It is my hope for you that your love of dermatology nursing and involvement in our organization and Journal offer, or will offer, you these same rich benefits.


One of the promises that I made myself several years ago was that I would celebrate my nursing colleagues as often, and in as many ways, as possible. There are three primary ways I have been working on this goal. First, I'd like to think I do this, at least in part, by encouraging participation in the JDNA as a way to showcase and highlight the interesting work we all do. I am here to help show the influence we have on our patients' lives, by showcasing the work of dermatology nurses. Is there something that you are doing well that is impacting the patients of your practice? Is there a way I can help you document your work and tell others about your outcomes? Please don't hesitate to reach out if there is a way I can be your dermatology nursing friend!


I have been afforded great opportunities in both my education and my career, and I have been and continue to be immensely thankful. A second way I have decided to help promote the careers and opportunities for my friends and colleagues is to have personal one-on-one conversations about their job paths and career trajectories. To this end, I am open to mentoring my nursing friends, and this has taken on a variety of exemplifications. As appropriate, I have encouraged some to return to school and helped them outline a path for this to occur; I have helped others realize the opportunities for their next job positions; and for others, I have just listened as they discussed the day-to-day occurrences at their workplace and offered suggestions when appropriate. Are there ways you are supporting the professional development of your colleagues through personal friendship and support? How does this look in your career? If you haven't thought about getting involved with others, what are the roadblocks to helping? Is there something I or the JDNA can do to help you become more effective at helping your nursing colleagues and friends?


The third way I have personally committed to help celebrate the accomplishments of my nursing colleagues is through an action plan I have developed to nominate my colleagues for awards and recognition programs as often as possible. In full disclosure, I don't have a formalized plan for this goal; if this were the case, I would have a spreadsheet each year complete with a list of organizations offering awards and a list of friends I would potentially like to nominate, and I would include criteria for award nomination and deadline dates. I am not that organized. Rather, I have a general gestalt of what organizations I am involved with and who I think has done an outstanding job in the past several years. It is always my goal to nominate my friends and colleagues for awards when possible. To this end, for several years, I have made as many nominations as possible to as many organizations as possible. Often, my nominee will be recognized, but not always, and if this is what occurs, I simply look to try again another time. I bring this particular goal to your attention because I know many organizations offer several chances for recognition, and I strongly encourage you to go through the process to nominate yourself, when applicable, or a colleague for the recognition. The DNA has a robust number of awards available from the recognition committee, and perhaps this fall, you would consider being part of this nomination process? Is there another award you would like to have help applying for? If there is not someone you can work with, I would be more than willing to help you look over the application process; let me know if I can be of help to you.


I invite you to tell me more about your dermatology nursing friends and the friendships you have developed over the years. How did you meet? How has your professional friendship benefited you? What do you look forward to when talking to this friend and colleague? Where do you see this relationship going? Please feel free to share your answers with me at mailto:[email protected], on JDNA Twitter at @JournaloftheDNA, or on our Facebook page at


Speaking of dermatology nursing friends and colleagues, sometimes, I have the pleasure of personally working them on the JDNA Editorial Board. I recognize that the skills and talents of our volunteers are to be especially treasured, and I am thankful when they share their time with us. As is common each year, there are several JDNA Editorial Board members who are ending their participation on the Editorial Board. At this time, I would like to recognize the work of Patti Miller, Lakshi Aldredge, Sarah Neider, and Susan Tofte, all of whom have served the JDNA well. The work they have done has helped to solidify the reputation of the JDNA as a provider of excellent dermatology information. Their collective contributions cannot be underestimated, and we wish them all well on their new endeavors. To counter these changes to the Editorial Board, there is a new addition to the JDNA Editorial Board I would like to announce. Emily Reynolds, MSN, FNP-BC, DCNP, is a fellowship-trained dermatology nurse practitioner from Colorado Springs, CO, and brings a significant amount of clinical experience and enthusiasm to her new role as an Editorial Board member. She states, "I am passionate about dermatology. I owe my love for the specialty to the competent and energetic dermatology nurses and nurse practitioners that trained me. I hope to carry that enthusiasm to the JDNA editorial board and help contribute to our success as a professional journal." Please join me in welcoming Ms. Reynolds to the JDNA Editorial Board; we are enthusiastic for her contributions and excited she is joining the important work we do.


As always, I am looking forward to hearing from you.


Angela L. Borger


Editor in Chief


mailto:[email protected]