1. Burran, Kimberly Cottle BSN, RN

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As a nurse manager with six years of leadership and 14 years of clinical experience, I am passionate about improving workplace culture and employee satisfaction to reduce staff turnover and improve patient outcomes. I also care about my staff and want them to find fulfillment in their job roles.


The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) framework discussed in "Finding Joy in the Workplace" (Perspectives on Leadership, April) is a great foundation for improving employee satisfaction by reconnecting individuals to their passion for their job and implementing feedback after open discussions to improve safety and reduce barriers. However, we need to recognize that in addition to organizational culture, interpersonal relationships within a team also impact the work environment. Research has supported the hypothesis that interpersonal relationships are related to both engagement and job turnover.1 We need additional focus on improving interpersonal relationships through team building and educating frontline staff on emotional intelligence. By supplementing the IHI framework with team building and more introspective growth opportunities, we can improve interpersonal relationships and collaboration.


Kimberly Cottle Burran, BSN, RN


Kempner, TX




1. 1. Collini, SA, et al. Turnover in health care: The mediating effects of employee engagement. J Nurs Manag 2015;23(2):169-78. [Context Link]