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If you find yourself managing change, dealing with staff issues like hiring and team building, balancing budgets, handling difficult staff, and improving morale all at the same time, then Nursing Management would like to hear from you.


We're seeking managerial-related manuscripts on topics that are strategic to nurse leaders' success-including relationships, technology, economic matters, and political issues concerning nurse leaders and the settings in which you practice.


Nursing Management accepts feature articles up to 10 double-spaced pages in length, which can be followed by references, tables, figures, and color artwork (when appropriate).


Number references consecutively in the body of your manuscript and place reference citations at the end of the article. Do not reference commonly held opinions and perceptions unless their history is the article's principal topic. Follow the standard practice for legal citations.


Also, be sure to include a 25-word abstract for your article. Your work must not have been previously published elsewhere or currently be under consideration for publication in other journals or books.


Send your topic query letter or manuscript, including two hard copies and disk, to:


Nursing Management


323 Norristown Road


Suite 200


Ambler, PA 19002




For more detailed author guidelines, call 1-800-346-7844, ext. 7789.