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  1. Dizbay, Murat MD
  2. Ozger, Hasan Selcuk MD
  3. Bilgetekin, Irem MD
  4. Basyurt, Rahsan RN
  5. Yurtal, Ozlem RN
  6. Simsek, Hatice RN
  7. Baran Aksakal, Nur MD


This prospective study has been designed with the hypothesis that low unit price does not necessarily mean cost-effectiveness. Low-cost, domestic short peripheral catheters (SPCs) and higher-priced, imported SPCs were compared in 2 different time periods. With the use of the higher-priced, imported SPCs, the rate of successful insertion on first attempt was increased (P < .001), and the development of complications was reduced (P < .001). The study revealed that $345 was saved per 1000 catheters when the catheter with the higher unit price was chosen. Although the domestic SPCs had a low unit price, their use resulted in greater health care expenses.