1. Cash, Jane T. PhD, RN, COI, Reviewer

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Field Guide to Psychiatric Assessment and Treatment


Reviewed by Jane T. Cash, PhD, RN, COI


By Mark S. Bauer. Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2003. $32.95. ISBN 0-7817-3758-3. 390 pages.


Field Guide to Psychiatric Assessment and Treatment is a comprehensive, easy to use book that addresses not only the expected psychiatric disorders, but also provides a wonderful section on biopsychosocial assessment and symptom-driven interviewing. The book is well organized, easily transported, and would be a plus to any clinical nurse specialist in this field.


The purpose of the book is to provide the clinician with a comprehensive easy to use resource for providing care to psychiatric clients. It is broad in scope and is unique with its symptom-driven interviewing guides and thorough treatment section. The appendices are beautifully done and are a thoughtful addition to this book. The book is organized in a logical manner and provides modules with snapshot graphics and charts that are easily understood. The book is well written and the author is obviously knowledgeable about both content and the complexities of clinical practice. This is the first edition though I am sure it will not be the last. It is appropriate for the practicing CNS/APN and graduate students would love it. It is a must for clinical practice and understanding the intricacies of psychiatric disorders/diseases and subsequent treatment.