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Art Myers, a physician and photographer, regularly addresses public health issues through his art. A book of his photographs, Winged Victory: Altered Images: Transcending Breast Cancer, with poetry by Maria Marrocchino, was published by the Photographic Gallery of Fine Art, San Diego, CA, in 1996. His photographs have been in solo and group exhibitions nationwide; see


These two images are from a series of photographs taken at a rescue mission in San Diego. Myers writes, "Some of the residents were escaping from domestic violence, some were substance abusers, some had been in jail, and some were homeless. Many had been remanded to the facility by the courts as a condition for living with their children. Those who were undergoing rehabilitation had to agree to spend a year there.


"The women in these pictures agreed to pose, hoping that by doing so they might help others. They aren't trying to hide their past travails, but they do want to be treated respectfully for who they are now."


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