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estimating weight, incorrect dose of alteplase, stroke outcome, thrombolytic therapy, weight based



  1. Staszewski, Jacek
  2. Debiec, Aleksander
  3. Derbich, Marta
  4. Antoniak, Mateusz
  5. Stepien, Adam


ABSTRACT: Stroke is a clinical emergency requiring urgent recombinant tissue-type plasminogen activator treatment in eligible patients. The dosage of thrombolytic agent (alteplase) is weight dependent. However, many patients receive thrombolytic therapy based on weight estimation. Here, we assess the frequency of incorrect thrombolytic therapy dose as a result of weight estimation and evaluate the short-term safety and efficacy of alteplase misdose. Of 237 patients, weight was estimated in 147 (62%), of which 33 patients (22.4%) were treated with an erroneous dose of alteplase. An incorrect dose was associated with neither poor outcome nor a lower risk of hemorrhage. We conclude that hospitals should implement reliable methods for measuring patients' weight that could be easily applied and would not cause delays to the treatment of stroke patients.