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  1. Fitzpatrick, Joyce J. MBA, PhD, RN, FAAN
  2. Salinas, Theresa K. MA, RN, ANP-C
  3. O'Connor, Linda J. MSN, RNC, CS
  4. Stier, Lori EdD, RN
  5. Callahan, Barbara MSN, RNC, ANPC
  6. Smith, Thomas MSN, RN
  7. White, Maureen T. MBA, RN


This report describes a Nursing Care Quality Initiative (NCQI) through which a new model of care for hospitalized older adults and their families, the Family-Centered Geriatric Resource Nurse (FCGRN) model, was introduced. Eighteen units in 10 hospitals participated in the NCQI Project. Educational, clinical, and evaluation components of the NCQI Project are described.