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HPA function, induced stress, psychosocial stress, research methods, stress



  1. Williams, Reg Arthur
  2. Hagerty, Bonnie M.
  3. Brooks, Geneal


Background: Researchers face the difficulty of inducing psyquitchosocial stress in a laboratory setting using a method that institutional review boards could consider an acceptable research protocol.


Methods: This article describes the Trier Social Stress Test, a research protocol that can be used to induce psychosocial stress and capture the integrated aspects of an individual's biologic and psychological responses.


Results: The test involves 15 minutes of psychosocial stress induced by a mock job interview and followed by a mental arithmetic challenge before a panel of three judges. The discomfort associated with performance requirements induces stress in socially acceptable ways that can be measured using physiologic and/or psychological parameters.


Conclusions: This method allows stress to be induced and measured in a controlled, laboratory setting.