DNP project, DNP team project, faculty development, faculty knowledge, measuring and monitoring, quality improvement, statistical process control, sustainability



  1. Durham, Marianne L. DNP, RN, CPPS (DNP Program Director, Clinical Assistant Professor)


ABSTRACT: Enrollment in Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) programs is growing rapidly. This poses a challenge to faculty because there is a gap in knowledge about evidence-based practice and quality improvement DNP projects. Challenged by the growing unavailability of preceptors and mentors in the practice setting, solutions are needed to help students meet the essentials of the degree and competencies for practice. Faculty knowledge of key DNP quality improvement project elements, measuring, monitoring, and sustaining improvement outcomes, may help students design projects to provide value to practice partners. A literature review was conducted to identify gaps in faculty knowledge of potential practice partners' value-added elements of DNP quality improvement projects (measuring, monitoring, and sustainability) to make recommendations for faculty development to improve DNP project mentoring. There is evidence in the literature that faculty feel ill-prepared to mentor DNP projects. Quality improvement content is available for faculty development in the nursing and other health sciences literature. Optimizing faculty knowledge regarding evidence-based practice, quality improvement processes, and mentoring of sustainable DNP projects that improve health care provides value to practice partners and may advance long-term partnerships. Adding structures to support faculty knowledge in these areas contributes to solutions to the challenges of rapidly expanding DNP programs.