Laser, Laser Hair Removal, Safe Laser Treatments, Effective Laser Treatments, Permanent Hair Reduction, PCOS



  1. Moore, Christine


Objective: The aim of this study was to review the current literature regarding safe and effective laser hair removal (LHR) treatments.


Methods: Significant and current studies (2008-2017) were retrieved through a series of searches conducted in CINAHL, Cochrane, and MEDLINE databases using Boolean terms/phrases. Pertinent results are explained in narrative form with supporting tables and figures.


Results: Today, there is a vast amount of current literature on the need for LHR treatments and on its side effects and comparative studies using various lasers on the market. There is an ongoing concern associated with the lack of standards and guidelines.


Conclusion: Practitioners interested in offering LHR within the primary care setting must verify that operating a Class 4 medical device is within their scope of practice. Despite the increased popularity of LHR treatments and the advancement of technology, there are limited up-to-date information on safe and effective treatment parameters and minimal information regarding the importance of patient education. More research is necessary to determine the efficacy of LHR treatments in both men and women of all ages and skin types. With no LHR guidelines in place, the best practice for LHR treatments is contained within this literature review using the most recent research available to date.