1. Blackburn, Susan PhD, RN,C, FAAN, Journal Editor

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This will be my last issue as editor for The Journal of Perinatal and Neonatal Nursing. I have served as editor for the neonatal section since 1994. Last spring I decided that I was ready to focus my energy on other pursuits. I remain very supportive of and committed to JPNN and will stay actively involved as a member of the journal's Editorial Board and in writing periodic columns. The opportunity to serve as journal editor has been a stimulating and challenging experience and an opportunity to work with authors from around the world.


I thank the members of the Editorial Board for their hard work and commitment to the journal. I especially thank Diane Angelini who, along with Rita Gibes Grossman, founded the journal in 1987. Diane has been a wonderful resource and mentor. The success of the journal is due in large part to Diane's ongoing vision and commitment. It has been a privilege to work with her.


Susan Bakewell-Sachs has been appointed as the new editor for the neonatal section and will bring fresh insights and perspectives to the journal. You will learn more about her in the next issue. Susan has been a member of the Editorial Board and has a broad background in neonatal and pediatric care. Please join me in welcoming her. Under the leadership of Diane and Susan, the journal will remain a strong voice for perinatal and neonatal nursing in addressing clinical practice concerns, new technologies and strategies, and professional issues in our field.