1. Lindsay, Julie PhD, RN

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One of the many exciting aspects of reviewing pediatric abstracts is the opportunity to learn about various aspects of pediatric critical care and research studies done to advance knowledge and care for critically ill children and their families. However, we also realize that there is great work being done by our readers in the pediatric world. Many of you do evidence-based projects and quality improvement projects and present either poster or podium at your places of employment or conferences. We would like to help disseminate your work by sharing the abstracts of your projects with other readers. Another goal of this project is to help encourage and promote scholarship among our peers and to share this information with nurses who care for pediatric and neonates.


We are asking for individuals or groups who have completed a project to send in the abstract of the research project with results to review. Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing is published bimonthly and is able to publish up to 2 pediatric research abstracts in each issue. If you are interested, please send your abstracts to or to


This is a great opportunity to working on a publication of your research.