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clinical evaluation, distance education, nurse practitioner students, telehealth, virtual site visit



  1. Harris, Melodee PhD, RN
  2. Rhoads, Sarah J. PhD, DNP, WHNP-BC, FAAN
  3. Rooker, Janet S. MNSc
  4. Kelly, Mary Alice MSN
  5. Lefler, Leanne PhD, RN
  6. Lubin, Sandra MA, RN
  7. Martel, Isis L. MS
  8. Beverly, Claudia J. PhD, RN


Background: The use of telehealth technology to conduct virtual site visits is an innovative strategy for evaluating the performance of nurse practitioner (NP) students in remote settings. Although there is an abundance of studies on telehealth for the remote monitoring and assessment of patients, there are limited data on its use for evaluating NP students during clinical learning experiences.


Purpose: The purpose of this project was to understand the perspectives of NP students and faculty on the feasibility of using virtual site visits to evaluate the students' performance during clinical experiences.


Methods: Online surveys were used to collect student and faculty perspectives on the use of virtual technology during clinical site observations.


Results: Overall, students and faculty reported positive experiences with the virtual site visits.


Conclusion: Virtual site visits are feasible in most clinical settings.