1. Lockhart, Joan Such PhD, RN, CNE, ANEF, FAAN

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Nurse educators are expected to share their best teaching practices in print. Despite this charge, some nurses experience writing barriers. Various resources are available to help nurses understand the publishing process. However, overcoming barriers to publishing is an important first step and should include familiar tools tailored to the needs of novice nurse writers. An online Writing for Healthcare Publication course helps graduate students prepare manuscripts for peer-reviewed journals. A 10-step Publishing Plan was developed to walk students through the process with an example to guide them in applying the steps to their own publishing ideas (Supplemental Digital Content, Figure, The plan begins with identifying a topic and concludes with drafting the first manuscript. Faculty and classmates provide feedback to guide students as they progress through the plan. Over a decade of evidence supports the value of the Publishing Plan. It offers a venue for students to think through the publishing process and communicate their intentions (talk-aloud) with others. The tool has also been used with doctoral students beginning their manuscript-option dissertations and/or capstones and with faculty for continuing nursing education. Learning to publish involves continuous professional development. Using familiar and practical tools such as the Publishing Plan minimizes obstacles perceived by nurses who are interested in publishing. Disseminating successes is vital in advancing future change in nursing education practice.