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The NCF Online Community is a private Facebook group open to practicing or retired nurses and nursing students. Group members engage by posting their thoughts, questions, or concerns about nursing, or responding to prompts from NCF staff and leadership. Users discuss topics ranging from ethical dilemmas to spiritual care concerns.


The benefit of a closed forum is that concerns and resources can be shared in a safe environment where nurses and students can speak with Christian peers. The NCF Online Community is designed specifically for nurses who desire to explore deeper into the issues they are experiencing in their nursing practice. It provides an opportunity for feedback, safe conversation, and honest insight. At NCF, it's about relationship! So, we are grateful to provide a place where nurses feel comfortable engaging with one another at the intersection of nursing and Christianity. To participate in the conversation, request to join the NCF Online Community.


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Although hospitals and clinics are the settings where nurses most commonly practice, we know that many people who need healthcare don't or can't visit those locations. However, the community where a person lives offers a likely opportunity for receiving healthcare prevention and education. More specifically, churches are ideally situated to facilitate the health and wellness of local residents. A timely new resource-A Ministry of Care: Promoting Health in your Faith Community (2019) by Cynthia Russell and Kristen Mauk-capitalizes on this resource.


Russell and Mauk are educators with wide experience in nursing practice; their advice in this book can enable churches reach out to their communities. Much more than a list of health events a church can host, the resource builds a foundation of information about ages and stages of life and the types of health offerings well suited to those levels, addresses risk management that a church should consider, and introduces the diversity of residents that make up a community-variables such as culture, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and living arrangements. Useful chapters include: setting team goals, how to build a health ministry team, fostering wellness in the faith community, and collaborating and networking with other organization or congregations.


A Ministry of Care is highly interactive; each chapter prompts readers with health awareness questions, a checklist related to the chapter topic, and next steps thoughts to help carry the planning process forward.


Today churches have abundant opportunities to promote health and help community members prevent illness. Faith community nurses can use this book in working with churches and recommend it to those interested in health-related community ministry.


Russell C. A., Mauk K. L. (2019). A ministry of care: Promoting health in your faith community. Kansas City, MO: The Foundry Publishing.



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