1. Schaum, Kathleen D. MS

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In 2019, wound/ulcer management providers and professionals experienced many reimbursement changes. Because confusion still exists about many of these issues, this author recommends taking the self-test on this page (Table 1). After you complete the test, turn to the next page for the answers (Table 2). Give yourself 4 points for every correct answer. Hopefully, everyone will score 100 points! If you do not receive a perfect score, study the reimbursement topics that you missed. Proficient knowledge of the 2019 reimbursement issues is critical because the 2020 changes build on them. Good luck and happy New Year!

Table 1 - Click to enlarge in new windowTable 1. 2019 REIMBURSEMENT SELF-TEST
Table 2 - Click to enlarge in new windowTable 2. 2019 REIMBURSEMENT SELF-TEST ANSWERS