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  1. Harding, Mariann PhD, RN, CNE, FAADN
  2. Stefka, Shelly MSN, RN
  3. Bailey, Mistey MSN, RN
  4. Morgan, Donna BSN, RN
  5. Anderson, Aric ASN, RN


This study investigated the delivery of small-volume intermittent intravenous (IV) infusions. Laboratory protocol evaluated potential medication loss among 6 administration methods using 50- and 100-mL solutions. Significant variations existed in calculated medication loss depending on administration method and volume. Up to 35% of medication may not be administered due to residual volume, with the greatest percentage associated with 50-mL solutions. Results suggest that intermittent IV infusions should only be delivered as a secondary infusion through a primary infusion administration set with a continuous infusion or an infusion that can flush the administration set at the completion of the secondary infusion.