1. Roberts, Benjamin J. BSN, RN
  2. Jones, Cheryl PhD, RN
  3. Lynn, Mary PhD, RN


Objective: The purpose of this study was to examine job satisfaction of recent RN graduates working in various specialty areas in outpatient and inpatient settings. The authors also examine job satisfaction for new graduates relative to intent to remain in their current position.


Background: Retaining new nurses is one strategy for addressing the nursing shortage. By understanding aspects of their jobs that new nurses find satisfying, administrators can develop better retention and recruitment strategies.


Methods: Participants completed the McCloskey-Mueller Satisfaction Scale (MMSS) rating their satisfaction with, and importance, of each item. Discrepancy scores were created by subtracting importance scores from satisfaction scores.


Results: Nurses who intend to stay in their current position were significantly more satisfied than were those that did not intend to stay on 7 of the 8 MMSS subscales. There were no differences in their importance ratings. Inconsistent differences were found in the other comparisons.


Conclusion: Administrators should give greater consideration to the role that satisfaction of new nurses plays in shaping future job intentions.