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Osteoporosis prevention, Adolescents, Educational intervention, Health Promotion



  1. Brown, Sarah Jo
  2. Schoenly, Lorry


PURPOSE: To test the effects of an osteoporosis prevention program given to high school students


DESIGN: Randomized, multisite field study.


SAMPLE: The final sample for analysis was composed of 693 teens from 18 schools.


FINDINGS: The average knowledge difference score of the OPTIONS group was 8.4 percentage points higher than that of the control group. Some of the analysis suggested that girls gained more from the intervention than did boys. Students from all types of schools, responded equivalently to the intervention. Health beliefs about barriers to preventive action were not influenced by the intervention.


DISCUSSION: This intervention increased students' knowledge about how to build healthy bones; however, the real challenge lies in building on that knowledge gain to influence behaviors. The modest gain in knowledge also suggests that educational interventions of this type should be tested with younger children, who might be more receptive.