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  1. Matney, Susan A. PhD, RN
  2. Avant, Kay PhD, RN
  3. Clark, Lauren PhD, RN
  4. Staggers, Nancy PhD, RN


Nurses published dialogues on wisdom; yet, a conceptual model is unavailable. We present the development process for a theory of wisdom-in-action for clinical nursing developed in 3 phases: (1) a deductively derived model using derivation and synthesis; (2) inductively, a constructivist grounded theory captured the experience of wisdom in nursing practice; and (3) the 2 theories were synthesized into a nascent theory. The theory describes 2 antecedent dimensions, person-related and setting-related factors, and 2 types of wisdom, general and personal. The theory provides a framework for translating wisdom in nursing practice, depicting both the science and art of nursing.