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* In "Control: Ninety, and Still Haunted by a Husband's Dying Promise," nurse Stephen Cooper shares the story of a patient whose decades-long experience with domestic abuse lingered into her final moments (


* "In a year of several health scares, I am reminded again how much it means, as a patient, to have a connection with a caring nurse, no matter how brief," writes AJN managing editor Amy M. Collins in her post "Seen and Understood: A Postpartum Scare and a Nurse's Firm Reassurance" (


* AJN senior editor Corinne McSpedon discusses the recent rise in U.S. measles cases-and a surprise discovery about her own immunity to the disease-in her post "Measles Outbreaks, and an Unexpected Vulnerability" (



"Quality of life really is whatever the patient believes. It is not the nurse's place to judge or try to control what the patient does." "I too have been in a situation where I was working with an orientee trying to administer medications [and it] resulted in a medication error. In my case, my orientee drew up and administered 25 mg of iv push Cardizem when the patient was only supposed to get 5 mg." "Although 12-hour shifts are more convenient since you get four days off for the week, nurses are still burnt out and do not get enough sleep depending on the unit they work on as well as dealing with demands outside of work."




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* Editor-in-chief Shawn Kennedy speaks with Patricia J. Kelly, author of "Volunteering in Two Border Communities."


* Clinical editor Betsy Todd speaks with Deborah Wilson, coauthor of "Exploring Working Relationships Between National and Expatriate RNs on Humanitarian Aid Missions: The Perspectives of Liberian Nurses."