1. Martin, Molly A. MD, MAPP
  2. Bisarini, Reymundo MD
  3. Roy, Angkana MD, MPH
  4. Mosnaim, Giselle MD
  5. Rosales, Genesis MSW
  6. Weinstein, Sally PhD
  7. Walton, Surrey M. PhD


This study characterized and compared the implementation of clinically integrated community health workers (CHWs) to a certified asthma educator (AE-C) for low-income children with asthma. In the AE-C arm (N = 115), 51.3% completed at least one in-clinic education session. In the CHW arm (N = 108), 722 home visits were completed. The median number of visits was 7 (range, 0-17). Scheduled in-clinic asthma education may not be the optimal intervention for this patient population. CHW visit completion rates suggest that the schedule, location, and content of CHW asthma services better met patients' needs. Seven to 10 visits seemed to be the preferred CHW dose.