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At 13.2 pounds, Philips Medical Systems ' HeartStart MRx, with its 8.4-inch backlit color display, is equipped for 3-and 5-lead ECG monitoring, manual and automated defibrillation, and synchronized cardioversion; nonin-vasive blood pressure, pulse oximetry, end tidal CO2, 12-Lead ECG, and transcutaneous pacing can be added. HeartStart MRx features Philips' patented low-energy SMART Biphasic technology and uses a 3-shock, 150 joule protocol for adults in VFib. SMART Biphasic is proven effective in emergency resuscitation, supported by more peer-reviewed clinical data than any other defibrillation waveform.


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Welch Allyn introduces the new Acuity LT Central Monitoring Station. It receives, displays, and stores vital-signs information for up to 12 patients from either a wireless or hardwired system of monitoring devices. The software records every beat of patient data for 24 hours, supports arrhythmia alarms for life-threatening events, and provides printouts for easy and effective record keeping. When used in conjunction with Welch Allyn Propaq series and Welch Allyn Micropaq ambulatory monitors, Acuity LT is an affordable, easy-to-install central monitoring system for hospital units requiring a simple, low-cost central monitoring solution to enhance patient care.


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ZOLL CodeNet is the first complete electronic system for documenting, synchronizing, and analyzing code information, giving code teams unprecedented control over inhospital resuscitation programs. CodeNet consists of CodeNet Writer, a Pocket PC-based PDA application used to capture data during a cardiac arrest event, and CodeNet Central, database management software that resides on a desktop or laptop computer. For the first time, code event data recorded on the PDA can now be synchronized with defibrillator data on one single time-line, ensuring accurate and complete times for all events.


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