1. Pessoa, Raynara Maritsa Cavalcante MSc
  2. Davi, Gisele Kariny de Souza PT
  3. Marinho, Maria de Fatima Duarte
  4. de Araujo, Joyce Freitas
  5. Alves, Maria Tatiane de Sousa
  6. Brito, Ilze Louize da Silva
  7. Lima, Nubia Maria Freire Vieira PhD


This study investigated the immediate effects of an intervention with dual tasks on balance in elderly individuals. Eight tests and an evaluation on a force platform were used. The subjects were divided into 2 groups; one was subjected to an intervention proposal with double tasks and the other with simple tasks. After the intervention, the double-task group maintained its performance in the tests and showed improvement in the cognitive performance of some activities during posturography. The simple-task group required more time for simple and motor Timed Up and Go tests, and there was no increase in cognitive performance or postural control.